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Queen City Connects

On behalf of the board of Queen City Connects, we would like to welcome you! We are delighted you have chosen to help shape our community in such a positive way. It is an exciting time for our organization as we continue to grow; we strive to maintain an adaptable, motivated, and responsive environment where connections can continue to flourish.

We would like to give you an idea of what you can expect from us in the future, as well as what we hope to achieve. One word Queen City Connects values and understands is unity. We are continually transforming the way we operate in order to help bring members of the public together for a common goal. We strive to serve the Charlotte area’s community by connecting business professionals, both LGBTQ+ and ally, across various industries and organizations.

History, Facts and Wins! 


  • QCC began in 2015 with only 4 LGBT ERGs 

  • In 2018, QCC is now connected with over 40 ERGs

  • We’ve connected over 1,000 LGBTQ+ & Ally professionals

  • Our ERG Mixers attract an average of 155 attendees

  • Our Meet & Greets attract an average of 35 attendees

  • According to our recent survey in June, 2018, 100% of attendees said they would recommend QCC events to colleagues and friends 

  • We support LGBTQ owned business

  • We connect non-profits to businesses 

  • All events are free to attend





QCC is the Charlotte area’s leading LGBT / Ally non-profit networking group.  With monthly social events at various locations we offer the opportunity to meet and interact with like minded LGBT / Ally professionals and the ERGs they represent.  Here you can share your own ERG’s best practices as well as learn and gain insight from the ERGs of the other companies represented at a QCC event.  

  • Join our mailing list to stay up-to-date on cross company events 

  • Invite and promote our events to your ERG/BRG 

  • Keep us updated to your ERG/BRG leadership changes

  • Your company can join our events without any sponsorship fees

  • You can promote your company's brand at our events by sending us your Logo

  • Engage with us for a meeting or call

What if my company or business doesn’t have an ERG? 

Not a problem!  QCC events are attended by individuals at companies large and small, from Fortune 500 companies to businesses run by a party of one.  We’re here to help and can share from our own experiences on how to promote and develop an ERG within your own organization. 


Expand your professional network.



QCC events are attended by LGBT+ & ally individuals of all backgrounds and career paths.  In short, everyone is welcome regardless of who you are and what you do.  Many people attend their first QCC event with a friend or co-worker but many others attend their first QCC event solo.  


At all of our events you’ll find a check-in desk and if you’re a “first timer”, make sure to let the person at the desk know so that we can spend some extra time chatting with you. 


If you’ve not been to a QCC event before or have some other questions you’d like to ask ahead of time, please



Many LGBT individuals still have fear or concern that if they were to come out in the workplace, their colleagues would treat them differently.  Allies are heterosexual men or women who are vocal in their support of LGBTQ+ employees and have made the difference in helping their organizations transform into open and inclusive environments where all employees feel valued and supported.

Non-Profit Community Partners

One of QCC’s many success stories is the ability for individuals from companies and non-profit organizations to meet and establish relationships that are beneficial to both.  Is your company looking to establish a relationship with a non-profit, or vice versa?  We can help!


Charlotte Business


QCC events are held throughout the Charlotte area and are well attended.  Businesses that host one of our events not only demonstrate their commitment and support of the LGBT community, they also add to their own bottom line and increase the awareness of their business throughout the Charlotte community.

If your business would like to host one of our events, please

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